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Marit van Dijk

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Speaking engagements


BoosterConf (website)

March 18-20, 2020 - Bergen, Norway

Collaborating on open source

ACCU conference (website)

March 25-28, 2020 - Bristol, UK

When contracts become expensive mocks…

ScanAgile (website)

April 1st-2nd, 2020 - Helsinki, Finland

What to do when your automated tests start to slow you down

Spring I/O (website)

May 14-15, 2020 - Barcelona, Spain

Collaborating on open source - with Stéphane Nicoll

Past (website)

November 16th, 2019 - Minsk, Belarus

Collaborating on open source

SwanseaCon (website)

September 9th, 2019 - Swansea, Wales

Building a software quality mission statement (Workshop, with Jasmine Vyas - Session page - Slides)

TestBash (website)

May 24th, 2019 - Utrecht, the Netherlands

Great test automation does not absolve you from manual/exploratory testing (slides)

NewCraft (website)

May 16-17th, 2019 - Paris, France

Collaborating on open source (slides - video)

SeleniumConf (website)

April 18-19th, 2019 - Tokyo, Japan

Collaborating on open source (talks page - slides - video)

Cukenfest (website)

April 4th, 2019 - London, UK

Collaborating on open source (slides - video)

FFSTechConf (website)

September 19th, 2018 - London, UK

FFS Great test automation does not absolve you from manual/exploratory testing (transcript - slides)

Joy of Coding (website)

June 8th, 2018 - Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Joy of acceptance test automation with Cucumber (video - slides)


Maintainable podcast: Marit van Dijk: How Are We Going to Test This?


A whole team approach to DevOps: Build, test, and run - together! - Webinar with Lisa Crispin, Abby Bangser and Maryam Umar.

Testing for DevOps - Webinar with Ashley Hunsberger and Amber Race.


CukenFest London Asks: Marit van Dijk

Agile TD - Next 125 awesome testers you should keep your eye on always (2018)